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Crystal Jet & Oxy compact therapy brings the American Technology in your Centre!

Seeing is Believing!!!

Crystal Jet & OIxy Compact is a source of Life and Vitality

  • Awakes the natural defences of the skin
  • Speeds up the natural metabolic rate
  • Re- balances the regeneration process in the complexion
  • Boosts the defence mechanisms
  • Brighten the luminosity youthfulness and radiance of your face & body

  • Scars
  • Pitted skin
  •  Stretch marks
  • Open pores
  • Pigmented skin
  • Sluggish tone
  • Flaccidity Ageing skin

A powerful weapon in the hands of the Aesthetic professional

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We at IONTO-COMED are a highly innovative and quality orientated GErman manufacturer, with 25 year s experience.

We are the leaders on the German market in cosmetic devices and equipment and complete cosmetic workstations. As a manufacturer of technical equipment in the cosmetic and medical fields, IONTO-COMED  is certified according to the ISO 9001 and EN 46001 standards, which comply with the intrnational standard level.

IONTO-COMED s products s continuous and long-lasting quality level is therefore quaranteed.Our product policy is to make the best use out of established and new technologies and blend them into innovative cosmetic equipment (complete cabins, chair, steamers,complete tretment systems, special treatment systems, ect) for the best possible treatment. We actively take on our own research and development in co-operation with universities. Close co-operation with beauticians quarantees the best practical use of our products. Our equipment is distributed to export-partners in about 50 countries worldwide, and we are proud to be represented in your country also. Our export-partner will provide you with all the equipment, training and service you need for the best professional perfomance. YOur success is our main consern!  For more information click below.  




In 1937 The Norwegian company LUXO AS introduced the first LUXO branded luminaire, then a highly innovative new lighting new lighting concept. THis luminaire soon became the favoured choise for office, industrial and domesic lighting applications, and Luxo products spread rapidly into many other markets, to become the industry standard in task lighting. Today, LUXO AS is a multi-national lighting company, with production and sales companies in Europe, NOrth America and Australia, as well as distributors in more than twently countries. THe LUXO lighting range today consists of a large number of advanced and highly specialised products. Some of these are illuminated magnifiers, a range of luminaires increasingly popular for their many practical features, their versatility and their hight standard of quality.

LUXO combines a high degree of lighting expertise with total quality. Luxo research and development staff work continuously with international industrial designers to combine the latest lighting technology with superb, functional design. Thus the superior quality of all Luxo products easily complies the quality System Requirements specified in NS-ISO 9001 and NCS certification rules, which cover marketing, sales, product development, purchasing and manufacture. All products are tested and approved to the CCA and EMC standards and a number of local standards.

However, in our day and age, even superb products quality in not enough. Thus all materials in all LUXO lummmminaires, and their packaging, are recyclable . We are proud of their qualty. And we are commited to the future. For more information click below


ACTIVE OPTICAL SYSTEMS represents the CRYSTAL - 512 & RECORD - 618.

CRYSTAL -512 & RECORD - 618 were developed by ACtive, incorporating knowledge and experiance of more than 25 years in the market and awareness to the growing need to impove profitability.

todya the Crystal - 512 & RECORD- 618 have no challenge in this field due to the combination of unique features:

  •  Excellent and quick treatment results.
  • 12 computerized programs for most sking types, including very dark skin.
  • Fast treatment on large areas (7.5cm every 3-4 seconds).
  • No treatment pain or discomfort to the patient.
  • Attractive cost of the product.
  • Very low cost of consumables - one flash lamp lasts for more than 100.000 pulses: in other words a typical cost per pulse is 0.5 cent.   

 In the GEM-PL method the energy is distributed equally on a large area 15x50mm and the temperature on the skin doeasn t exceed 70c. This, relatively low treatment temperature, allows deeo penetration of light into the sking with no damage to it. THe result is a superb hair ramoval treatment method with no side effects, apllicable for most skin types. For more information please ckick below.


BENTLON salon furnishings and equpment are the most advanced available in the professional beauty treatment market. Every Bentlon product represents more than 30 years of experience, quaranteeing that when you choose Bentlon, you choose for outstanding quality. The latest Bentlon line has been developed using advance technology, raising standards even higher and making Bentlon the benchmark for quality. And quite rightly so. After all, you don t make such a major investment every day, so your choice must be a discerning one.

choosing Bentlon is choosing for quality. Bentlon stands for chic and functional, professional and stylish, versatole and user - friendly.

Much of the equipment described is desigfned for special treatments. This is especially true of the Wellness and Special eequipment. When you buy one of these items of equipment you will receive our course bookes completely free of charge, containing a complete programme with theoretical and practical lessons on how to perform the treatments correctly.
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 The most complete machine in the range for multiple applications and a new comfort of use
Very ergonomic interface with LCD screen and HF remote control.
Gentle atmosphere: very low noise level and backlit.
Compact design, space optimized.

Maximum mobility and stability (casters/handles).
Cable jib, shelf for storing accessories, maintenance indicator for the filter.
Extreme versatility for true treatment personalization
3 working modes: continuous, pulsed, hyperfrequency or hyperpulsed.
Depression power from -80 to -850 mb and 8 settings.
Frequency settings from 0.1 to 5 Hz, by increments of 0.1 Hz, providing 50 rhythm levels.




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ALISUN started its design and production of quality tanning equipment in 1984.  ALISUN grew quickly - proof that excellence soon creates its own opportunities. Today, we are known around the world as an innovative company with a trully individual vision. At ALISUN we value freedom - ater all, it is in perfect freedom that people feel better and perform better. moreover, we listen carefully to our clients. This mentality has helped us become one of the world s leading brands. Our standards and values are high, with attention to safety, health and the environment featuring as important parts of the way we do business. As a leading company operating world-wide, we are faced with a wide range of challenges after all, the way people think and act varies greatly per country. Yet we like to offer users of our equipment a feeling of relax and enjoy - because the ability to dearm and distance oneself from every- day life contributes greatly to a sense of happiness and well-being. We speak from experience, not only own, but that of our many clients, too. The people at ALISUN wish you a great deal of relaxation with the Sunlounge coolection. For more information click below.    


Since the day we introduced the forst professional pedicure Spa in 1985, our commitment to offer nothing but the best has been our mission. Today, the name European Touch stands for something very special in pedicure Spas the world over. From inspired design and solid construction to exceptional craftmanship and advance technology. European Touch pedicure Spas are second to none.

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Ecopostural is an innovating company dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of furniture of quality for the health. We put to your reach a wide range of models with great variety of accessories. We design the models thinking on contributing to your well-being and health.

All our products are quaranteed by a period of three years.  We use non-flammable polipiel to add a greater security to them and the wood of beech that we use is of first quality and it is obtained from the forests of Central Europe, where replanting of trees regulated by law.

Ecopostural offers the fastest and best service t

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