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Below is a selection of products which Kolte Trading Ltd supplies.
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The Genetic Intenational products have arisen from a constant programme of research into cellular biology at the LABO GERS laboratories.

The 2200 square metre LABO GERS laboratories are based in south west FRance in an idyllic ecological environment where advance technologies are used to produce our health care products. Our aim is to enhance our products to tackle conditions, from the most simple to the most complex, to deliver outstanding ling lasting results.

Gernetic Intenational offers a wide range of health care and beauty products specially conceived for the face, bust and body, responding to the requirements of a clentele with ever increasing expectation and focus on their own aesthetic. The active ingredients in our products are 100% natural, from the worlds of plant ans sea.

In order to acces the very heart of the cells, the quintessential characteristics of our active ingredients is of the highest priority. Gernetic International  for over 30 years has used the principle of penetration, contributing to a general revitalisation of the organism. A veritable cocktail of health for the greatest pleasure of all beauty. 
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Sophisticated, revolutionary, innovative and effective. This descripes the exclusive Germaine de Capuccini products, treatments and professional programmes.

Effective formulas that adapt to the needs of all skin types. Textures and aromas that make facial and body care a true ritual of beauty and wellbeing. Maximum respect for the environment, shown in every research, development and manufacturing process.

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 Base on estableshed knowlegde in cosmetology Dr. Eckstein has developed systems that can cope with any skin problems. Whether your skin is nosmal, mature or sensitive, whether it is dry, oily or has enlarged pores, whether you have a combination skin or an impure skin - our cosmetic products carefully and effectively care for each type of skin.

Dr. R.A Eckstein Cosmetic can only be obtained through professional beauticians. For advice in confidence, consult your skin- care specialist.

Our research has rediscovered the treasures that are nature s gift to our skin: rich essential vegetable, extracts, herbal essences, blossom oils, germ extracts and vitamins for a geniune cosmetic care. This quarantees the hightest possible quality of our products. Only the finest, most precious natural ingredients and substances are used and carefully blended with scientific skill in the production of our cosmetics.

Our research institute for biotherapy is continuously engaged in the development of our products, to ensure that the latest results of research in the field of cosmetology are incorporated in our traditionally effective range of products.

Dr. R.A Eckstein, creator of out product line, is the first German scientist to have been awarded the intenational award 


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The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories was established in 1990 in Israel and is part of Hadan Group, which has been specializing in cosmetics since 1979. The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories is a major manufacturer of high quality Dead Sea cosmetic products. Our line consists of over 150 items, which complete a full unique range of high quality skin care products, hair and body care, toiletries and cosmetics, exported to over 62 different countries.

Combining patented, award winning technology with all natural plant and mineral ingredients from the Dead Sea - the most highly concentrated natural marine mineral source in the world - Premier brings to you luxury skincare in products so effective, they deliver exactly what they promise and more than you ever imagined!

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