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The Beauty Image brand is present in the professional and retail market and includes a complete product range for depilation and paraffin treatments. The company comprises a full range of waxing products including accessories such as lotions and creams for before and after waxing. Beauty Image depilatory waxes are formulated following a rigorous quality system. This brand offers a wide range of depilatory waxes; hot and warm waxes, oilsoluble, watersoluble...with varied compositions, formats, colours and fragrances. All Beauty Image products have been developed at the CEMSA laboratories.

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Goldeneye is the very first supplier of micropigmentation equipment to offer a completely secure product by using disposable cellophane covers for any part of the machine which comes into contact with the skin, lymph or blood to avoid cross contamination. All parts that are considered to be a risk are therefore highly protected. Handling the machine cable is therefore not considered to carry the risk of infections to subsequent customers as every individual possibility of cross contamination has been eliminated.

Goldeneye complies European Union regulations for mocropigmentation pigments. Pigments ingredients are selected according to FDA & EU. Homogeneity of parameters in every batch. Exhaustive quality control.


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Staying profitable is harder now than ever before. Mergers and acquisitions occur weekly. The over the counter market is being pressured from all directions, as drug stores, beauty specialty stores and large chain stores are increasingly devoting more shelving space to beauty products. A small description of the product goes here. 

All Season Nails is a proffessional line for the OTC market. It is the industry s most complete  line of professional nail products and nail accessories. At value pricesin our newly designed catalogue, you will see new products, packaging, planograms and nail accessory racks.

All Season Nails is manufactured by Star Nail Intenational which is the largest manufacture in the world of nail accessories and systems. 


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Lumin Or stands for UV-cured gels. All of our team-leaders can look back at more than 10 years of experience in this interesting fields. Our products are highly innovative and reliable for your daily work. They deserve your full confidence. Based on this confidence we would like to built a partnership which can enable us to contribute to your economic success.

A cooperation with Lumin Or makes sense. Research, development, production and sales under one roof are a quarantee that experienced specialists are by your side and you will stay up to date with the latest developments. The joint experience of having solved a task and having progressed another step is what we wish to be the basis of our successful cooperation.



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Cuccio Naturalé

Developed in the Tuscany Region of Italy,Cuccio Naturalé is the first professional product line to feature seven new natural hand and nail treatment services. With these Cuccio Naturalé treatments you can now offer your clients beautiful, longer natural nails and younger looking hands.

Cuccio Naturalé was founded 23 years ago. The purpose was to create a global company founded on the philosophy of bringing quality, innovation and value to the nail industry. Twenty-three years later, the vision is still intact, as we continue to bring new changes to the nail industry worldwide.

Cuccio Naturalé will increase women s awareness of the condition and appearance of their hands and nails. Hand care will be the fastest growing business in the beauty business in the 20th century, Cuccio Naturalé has searched the world to put together a unique combination of botanicals, natural fruits and alpha hydroxy acids, that can make a difference. These new services will create unlimited opportunities globally in the "re-education" of nail technicians everywhere. This opportunity will provide a head start in the competition for nail technicians to be the first to teach and use these new services and increase income and profits.


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RUBIS is one of the leading worldwise manufactures in the medical, watch, and electronic industries.

The first precision tweezers were developed to place RUBIS stones into watch movements and the RUBIS name is now synonymous with authentic Swiss quality.

Manufacturing industrial tweezers laid the ground work for RUBIS  to produce cosmetic implements of atmost precision.


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Imagi4Nails revolutionary NailJet Pro takes nail fashion to a whole new level! For the first time you can decorate your nail with virtually any design and millions of colors fast, clean and easy.

From French designs to florals, fine art to cartoons, from mild to wild, the NailJet Pro can decorate nails in styles to please everyone. You can even input your own designs or photographs to match that special outfit or make your own fashion statement!

It’s new, it’s fun, it’s affordable and the NailJet Pro is only available at certified Imagi4Nails salons. 



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